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Trans is Puking, but from where!


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January 23, 2000
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93 Sport
My A4LD has Puked fluid 3 times over the years when 4Wheel-n. I thought that it was coming out the vent on top but this last time I check the case from top to bottom and the vent tube-it's dry. The fluid is coming out between the engine and bellhousing. I don't think that it's the shaft or Converter seals because the leak goes away when the trany cools. Furthermore, the fluid has never burnt and I have not lost any trans performance. Are there breather holes or some thing some place that could allow the fluid to be ooozing out between the engine and trans? Some one out there must know what's going on...

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Hey Rockey, could it be coming out the dipstick tube and running down?? As far as I know, there is no vent on the pump..


Yes, I checked that area also. I'm stumped. I guess I"ll have to focus on keeping everything cool.

Well...It has to be the seal, the vent, or the tube..Only other places it could leak: pan, linkage shaft, odemeter cable, modulator valve...correct me if I'm wrong, put the speed sensor is sealed..Remind me to bring a towel and extra shirt the next time out, we'll find it..

Running good now

It's all cleaned up and running well. I don't get it.? I saw a Plate-type cooler at Discount Auto that is twice the size as the Stock unit. I think I'll install that with a fan to keep things cooler. Thanks for offering assistance. BTW, did you get the Hooks installed? The X still smells like Richloam--the insalating pad under the carpet really holds the MUCK.

Expert opinions? Anyone...

I know that there has to be a Tech out there..

It's still doing it

Could the vent be plugged or blocked and when the temp. rises there's no place for the pressure to vent and it's pushing out one of the seals? Like I said before, it's leaking between the engine and trans but everything returns to normal after it cools down. Hmmmm