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trans oil cooler lines

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Wrong forum, you are currently posting in the 2011+ model year forum. Swing on over to the Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers forum, they should be able to help you with that. :)

Happy driving.

Thread moved to the 95-01 sub-forum.

As for the lines, if you're just trying to replace a section for whatever reason (rusted out, pinched, etc..) :
You can get 3/8" (I think that's the size) hose from most auto parts store (sold by the foot usually) and splice it into the existing system. Use regular hose clamps at the ends.


Does anyone know where I can purchase the oil cooler lines for my 2001 explorer 5.0 AWD. Thanks
Why do you need to replace the lines? Knowing how much of the line you need to replace would help give you a better answer. Meantime, go to your local parts house, or hardware store, and get some compression fittings the size of your existing lines and splice in some new tubing. You can use soft copper for that. Better in my opinion than rubber tubing for a long run.

Or look in the local wrecking yard.