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Trans question


April 19, 2013
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Lakeland, FL
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2006 Ford Explorer
Have an 06 Eddie Bauer Explorer, V6, I just bought the other day. I just had a question about the shifting of the auto trans. Shift from first to second is smooth as glass, second to third has a slight bump to it, then the rest of the gears up to fifth are perfectly smooth.

Shifts on time, no problems at all. Was just curious if that is a normal shift pattern for this transmission. On all shifts but 2nd to 3rd, you cant even feel them, but on that one there is a slight bump.

Is this normal for this trans?

Also, with regular ford scheduled maintenance, how long do these trannys typically last before needing a rebuild?

I have the same year and combination E Bauer. They shift like it could use a extra gear. All the V6s I test drove we're the same. Mine has a bump in it occasionally, the more you drive it the less you notice it.
Of course we can't check the trans fluid without special tools. Think the first service is 100,000 by Ford specs, if you want to stretch it that far.

Like Davidm said - it is normal for that transmission. I had mine serviced at 96k, and it has 124k on it now and is fine. How long it will go is a roll of the dice, but I expect mine to last until I get rid of this truck somewhere around 200k.

Normal normal normal. I've owned a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation 4L V-6 SOHC. Frankly the Gen 2 had the best transmission, smooth through all gears. My Gen 2 and 3 are identical, and both have the little bump with normal driving. I occasionally shift it manually and get up to higher rpms and then it shifts smoothly, or if I WOT it, it shifts better too.