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trans spit out over drive servo


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July 31, 2015
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Etna maine
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2002 explorer
To start off thanks to all that reply your the hart of all that keeps sites like this going. 2002 explorer with 5R55W transmission. Started out a bad leak,thought it was a torque converter seal,till I was pulling transmission and saw the overdrive servo cover and snap ring hanging out. Well pulled off torque converter seal looked good so the leak is obviously the servo. Took out servo piston, worn on one side bore doesn't look worn. I called a local trans shop and they said this is a common problem with fords. He said with wear it becomes a over pressure issue and will need to be rebuilt. If I fix the servo it will fail soon after.He can do it out of truck 1500 parts and labor with servo bore repair. And I still cant afford it.Can any one help with a book on this trans. Maybe some theory of operations, where is the pressure control valve,need some help here looking to fix as cheap as possible with out a total rebuild. thanks to all :salute: found this if it helps anyone else
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This may not help, but it might be worth checking around for prices. Not sure where in Maine you're located.

I just paid $1650 in central Maine for the following:

Sleeve the servo bores
New Torque Converter
New clutches
New bands
Relief valve in pump
Filter, Fluid and other bits

$1500 seems like a lot to have just the bores done.


If you can't find a manual online, PM me your email address and I'll send you one.

thanks it was 1500 rebuilt out of truck from what I understood