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Trans won't shift out of 1st gear


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August 11, 2015
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Somerdale New Jersey
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2006 Explorer
1992 Explorer - 180,000mi - Owned only 3 months, one month ago while traveling on interstate the input shaft seal blew out. Pulled trans, replaced shaft bushing and seal. First test drive everything worked ok, shifted ok. Second drive the trans won't shift out of 1st gear automatically. If you manually start in first gear and manually shift to second it will shift to second. If you then shift to drive it immediately drops to low again. I have no idea where to start.

Logic says i stirred up something and it is lodged in the valve body somewhere.

Any Ideas are welcome!!!!!

Sounds like the gov. is stuck.

Thanks for the suggestion - i tend to agree with grandson drove it today and it seemed fine - thanks again!

You may want to try some ATF additive, they can help keep valves from sticking. We use Lubegard.