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Trans wont shift when warmed up


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September 27, 2010
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Riverside, CA
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2000 xlt Ranger 3.0 4x4
In the morning, while cold, my automatic tranny will shift like a dream into 3rd and 4th about 4 times. then, there will be one hard shift into 3rd. After that, it will not shift into 3rd at all. if i let off the accel a little it still wont shift. o/d blinking about a month ago, but hasnt for a while. just had a rebuild, not really sure what all they did but my o/d was burnt up and he fixed that along with some other stuff. also, i had a brand new motor put in about 3000 miles ago. it is a 2000 ranger xlt 3.0 v6 automatic.

is the trans under a warrantee at all still? Seems like a short lived RB.


no warranty. rebuild did not fix problem. going to drop pan and check valve body soon to check for debris/stuck valves and clean it. if this does not work am considering buying new vb from centralvalvebodys.