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Transfer case compatibility question.


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January 24, 2009
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98 Explorer
I am wondering if these two transfer cases are compatible... here are the numbers on mine:

B1782 4405-11
202805 XL24-44

The numbers on the other one:

C1172 4405-08
259592 F77A-GA

Are these two compatible, or not? More importantly, what do those numbers/letters stand for?

Thanks for any and all help,


pictures would make this alot easier,,
hmm, it seems they are both 4405 cases,,
maybe a call to your local junkyard with the code numbers you have might yield some info,, they have the Hollander Exchange program and can tell you ,

The major difference between the 4405s is the front output style (the CV "cup" vs. the U-joint yoke) and the VSS that sits next to the rear output flange. If these two things match, then theres a good chance the either transfer case will work.