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transfer case compatibility


October 27, 2011
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1997 Explorer E.B. 4x4
I'm looking for a new TC and trying to narrow down my options.
I have a 1997 explorer with a 44-05 command trac TC. I found this in a troubleshooting post,

"The 44-05 transfer cases used behind all the V-6 second-gen Explorers fall into a few groups:

--The 95-96 4-doors have an electronically controlled t-case. They also use a electro-vacuum-actuated center-axle disconnect to lock and unlock the passenger side axle shaft.

--The 97-01 4-doors, and the 95-00 Sports use the same 44-05 transfer case as the 95-96, minus the center-axle disconnect in favor of a live axle."

I also found this while searching an answer,

"You can use a 4405 t-case from 95-96-97. But that's it.

95-96 uses a 4405-CA, 97 uses a 4405-GA. The only difference between these are the front output for the drive shaft. If you use a 4405-GA, you must use the front shaft that came with it. These cases have the VSS in them, 98+ do not, and those years use the ABS sensor in the rear diff case for the speedometer.

The other option you have is to use a manual 1354 TC (with a VSS) for a direct bolt in, and is actually a strong upgrade as it is a gear driven case, not a clutch driven, like the 4405 is."

So according to this I can use a 95,96,97 TC but if I use a 95-96 I must use the drive shaft with it, and the 95-96 must be a sport , is this correct.

I would like to get away from the 44-05, so the 1354 sounds good, but is it a PITA to do the sawp. Is there alot of fab work to do this, or is it pretty much a direct replacement.

I would really appreciate your help

The manual 1354 is the way to go. The only problem in the swap is where the shifter comes up on the trans tunnel. If you have full length center console it could get sticky. You can switch to a short console if you want to to fit the shifter without any fab work. Other than that it's a direct bolt on. As long as you have the front driveshaft from a first gen (91-94), everything will work nicely.