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Transfer Case - cross reference


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November 12, 2001
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Altoona, PA
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96 XLT
I have a 96 4.0 with a BW 4405 electric transfer case. Are any other transfer cases able to be used with my vehicle? I need to replace it and wanted to know what my options are while I'm looking for another transfer case.

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I put a manual shift 1354 in my 96. With the exception of cutting a hole in the floor (there's even a plate there under your carpet), it is truly a bolt in operation. Driveshafts and everything.
Your GEM will be unhappy since it won't see the speed sensor signals anymore and it will flash your 4wd light at you. It also wont engage the front axle disconnect because of this.
I just cut the wires going to the light and installed a simple toggle switch to control the front axle engagement. An added benefit of this is the availability of 2wd-low.

Thanks but right now I'm not looking to go manual.. Are there any other tranfer cases that will bolt up or do I have to use another BW4405?

Are you looking to get rid of the control trac options or not? The electric shift 13-54 and 13-50 should bolt right up, but these are basic part-time systems without the control trac stuff. Of course, the electronics are different, and I don't know how hard it is to "remove" the 4405 electronic controls and put in the 13-54/13-50 controls.

The electric 1354 will bolt up too. Surely somebody here knows what it takes to get the shift motor working with your current setup.
I would do whatever it takes to avoid dumping money into a 4405.

I came up with this on a search:
The swap from the 4405 to the 1354 electric shift is probably going to be hell for you. It will be much, much easier to do the 1354 manual TC swap. You're gonna need the 4x4 control computer and the wiring harness that goes to your 4x4 switch, and the the wiring harness that goes from the computer to the transfer case. The existing wires will not work. Then you need to figure out how make the 4x4 lights stop flashing because the GEM will throw a code because it won't be hooked up the transfer case. Good luck.

Any of the afore-mentioned cases will physically bolt up, but getting them to work is a whole other ball of wax. Obviously the easiest is the manual 13-54. Any of the electric ones will be an absolute nightmare to attempt to integrate into the OEM system.


OK, my transmision mechanic looked at this today and put in a total rebuild for $500. Sounded like a good price to me? Or not?

OK, my transmision mechanic looked at this today and put in a total rebuild for $500. Sounded like a good price to me? Or not?

Before you do that, take a look at my post on transfer case problem just below yours. By the way, saying you have a BW-4405 is like saying you want some ice cream. You really need to provide the entire number that is on the case. Such as XL24-7A195-CA, there are many different flavors of the same BW-4405 base assembly. I also have a very complete pictorial of the disassembly process. Take a look at my photo album. It is quite simple to remove and take apart. You must have a good impact wrench though. It cost me less than $50.00 for all the parts to rebuild mine.