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transfer case fluid


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April 21, 2010
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Hampton, VA
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'97 xlt 4x4
The 5r55e calls for mercon V but the transfer case calls for mercon? That doesn't make much sense since mercon v is supposed to replace all mercon fluids. Somebody told me today that I was supposed to put the dexron/mercon general fluid in the transfer case but would it be better to use mercon V? Also, does anybody know how much the 5r55e holds? I hope to drain the t-converter. The only fluid I can imagine will be left after I change the filter and drain the converter will be in the lines and cooler. Thanks for the help.


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March 15, 2004
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Clinton Twp, MI
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'96 XLT V8 4WD
when I went to fill my 4406 the guy at the store (really knowledgeable guy) said

mercon v is newer, like 2003+ (dont quote me on the year, I could be off)

and dex/merc is like mercon II and thinner, and was in late 90's vehicles.

he also said all mercon v is synthetic while you can get dex merc in either dino or synthetic versions

I went with sythetic dex/merc