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Transfer Case Problem?


December 18, 2008
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Stanwood WA
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1992 XLT
Hello all, and thanks for the all the help!

I am having a problem, I have had a clunk in my 4wd system on my 1992 xlt. I thought it was a u-joint on the front driver side axle. so I pulled the axle out and replaced the u-joint. When I put the axle back in and put everything together, not only was the clunk still there, but there is a loud whine sound and the 4wd will spin and then finally catch into the 4wd. It will not engage at all in reverse. So i took everything apart again, checked to make sure the axle was set right in the transfer case, and put everything back together. and all my problems are still there, I have pulled it apart for a 3rd time now, but I want to know if there is anything else I should check before i put it all back together again? or if anything else has had this problem? is it possible that something in the transfer case broke when i pulled the axle out?

thanks for any help.