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Transfer case question.


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April 29, 2009
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1997 Explorer
I have a 97 Explorer and was just wondering if the transfer case from a 2000 Explorer will fit, my transfer case now is a 4405?

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Yes and no.... Yes, it will fit. It'll bolt right up, in fact. Unfortunately, the 2000 t-case is lacking the rear output shaft speed sensor you need that's on the back of your '97 case. It is possible to retrofit the rear half of your 97 case onto the back of the 2000 case. It's been done before and there's a how-to somewhere around here (I think it was called 'hybrid 44-05' or something like that...).

But the short version is that the 2000 case will bolt right up, but it won't be a plug-n-play affair. Sorry.

ok thanks, will a transfer case from a 93 explorer fit any better?

ok thanks, will a transfer case from a 93 explorer fit any better?

Not really... It'll bolt up just the same, but it's completely different in both form and function. (Borg-Warner 13-54 for the record). It was available with both manual and electronic shifting, but the guts are, for all intents and purposes, the same for either one. It's a common swap on here, and the good news is that it *should* work for you if you choose to do it.... but again, it's not going to be a plug-n-play affair either.

The short answer to your next question is that, unfortunately, the only direct swap for a t-case in a 97 is another t-case from another 97 model year. The 97 model was the first year of the CV front output like the 98-01s, but still had the rear shaft speed sensor like the 95-96. It's sort of a *******-child, unfortunately.

thanks again always had 4x4 first time with a ford all new and exciting

thanks again i just rebuilt the 4405 myself all it needed was a cam apply and the poly spacer ring 65 bucks canadian saved a alot of cash so im thinking of throwing on some 31 inch meat do you know if they will fit in stock form

will 31s fit a 97 explorer at stock height

31's will fit on some stock Explorers. I assume they would rub under compression, and more at full lock. You can adjust your torsion bars, and add shackles for under 100, with the front end alignment included.