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Transfer case swap


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December 16, 2003
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Pelican Rapids, MN
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1995 Explorer XLT
Can someone tell me if a transfer case for a 00-01 Explorer with a code number of YL24-AA can be used in place of a XL24-AA transfer case for a 95-98 Explorer in a 1995 Explorer? Thanks.

as far as fitting in place of your old one, it will. where you are going to run into problems is in the wiring. its not the same, because in a 2000 case from an explorer has AUTO/4HI/4LO whereas yours has 2WD/AUTO 4WD/4LO so you woud have to work out the wiring to be the same.

doesnt sound like that would be too big a dilemma but what do i know, ive never done it :p

Thanks for the replys. I thought it might be something like that. I think I'll stick to the correct one and probably save myself a big headache.