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transfer case troubles


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April 11, 2011
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hi. for starters I have a 98 explorer 4.0l ohv and automatic. a few weeks ago we had an ice storm and I was drivin home from work and the auto 4x4 kicked in but when It did it slammed in really hard and never disconnected. so last night I pulled it in the garage and put it up on jackstands. the front and rear outputs were locked together. so I pulled the tcase out to swap it out and that's where the trouble began. I looked at the tag on it and it is a yl24-aa or 4405-15. I went out in the shed where I keep all my spare parts and one tcase was really greasy and all I could see was the aa on the tag. I put it in and when I went to pull out of the garge the transmission had shifted 3 time and was in overdrive before I got out of the garage. so I thought maybe it was stuck in low range so I stopped and put it in low and took it back out. pulled out again and it started shifting like crazy then the od light started flashing. I pulled it back in and cleaned the tag and here its a xl24-aa or 4405-11. so I swapped the old one back in and it shifts fine its just stuck in 4x4. I have 8 spare tcases and not one is a yl24aa. the xl24 an yl24 look identical on the outside. a few of the others I have you can see why there different ie driveshafts or tail shaft speed sensor. what are the differences in these cases or how can you determine what options or reason there can be multiple cases for the same vehicle and why when I call the junkyard they tell me the yl24aa case is for a 00 and 01 explorer and not for a 98. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks josh

I thought the auto 4x4 high range was done via an electromagnetic clutch? I am surprised it would get "stuck" in high 4x4.

I also thought the 4405 case had 2wd, 4x4 high, and 4x4 low modes, and the 4406 had the auto 4x4. Can someone confirm?

Sounds like a bad case.

I'm thinkin that the clutch is stuck. I checked for power on the brown wire and there is no power when in auto. when the switch is in 4hi it has power so its an internal problem with the case. now I'm trying to figure out why I have the yl24aa case when every place I talked to says it should be the xl24aa case for a 98