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Transfer case won't stay in "high" and whines.


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November 12, 2002
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Toronto. Canada
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1998 xlt
Hi there, i'm really hoping someone can shead some light on this, my trucks been in and out of the shop for MONTHS!

Initially i had lost 4wd, 2 hi AND low worked. I took it in, they put rebuilt the tranfer case (???) and everything worked fine, except i had a high pitched whines when off the accelator? Now it's louder and they've rebuilt it TWO more times...

It appears to be related to the shift assembly. With the shift motor off, i can manually switch it to 'H' (high) at the transfer case and the noise goes away...but once i'm in the truck again, it doesn't hold and starts to whine...i also loose reverse often...and get the same sound? i don't think it's the motor, cause i've tried two, but they were both used...however i did not have this problem prior to the rebuild...

any idea's?

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Instead of them rebuilding it 15 more times, just go to a junkyard, and grab an entirely different case, and be done with all of this.

i was thinking along the same lines...or perhaps the manual version? But now there's a new magnet and clutches in there as well?
It's still happening, i don't have any reverse in high and the high pitched whining...

The t-case in your model X has a history of simmilar problems. "Rebuilding" generally does not fix the problem because there is a problem with a part of the case wearing which cuses a missalingment inside the case. There is/was a company advertising in one of the 4wd publications that sold cases that had been rebuilt/repaired properly. Unfortunately I don't remember their name of the company or the magazine I read it in. Other than locating the company your only choice is to take the risk with buying a used case or buying a brand new unit from Ford.

Nice to see you back Mr. Boyle!