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Transfer Case?


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March 6, 2006
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Stafford, Va
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99 XLT
Last week I was getting on the Interstate, as i was accelerating A loud Clanking noise started, sounds like it's coming from the driverside front axel area. I have jacked the car up, taken the tire off and I do not see any visable damage to anything. when I rotate the tire I do hear a clanking sound every half turn or so if I can make it spin fast enough. I did have the transmission rebuilt about 70k ago.

Would the transfer case be making a clanking sound like this? I can be going 1mph and it will still make the noise. Is this something that can be easily replaced or fixed?

If I removed the front drive axel, could the truck be driven normally?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated... Thanks


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February 8, 2003
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Sacramento, CA 95827
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1992 XLT
Sounds more driveshaft related, like a U joint. (And CV joints will definitely make that noise when they fail from my experience with front wheel drive cars....just a FYI for those who may have one and also experience this)