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Transgo rivet. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! 4R44E


August 2, 2007
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Ft. Worth, TX
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95 4x4
I have my VB of my 4R44E on my kitchen table. I installed the Transgo and I'm ready to put it back in. BUT, I'm having a problem understanding the small rivet part of the Transgo instructions. I read the 5R55E diary, but it just shows a pic of it. I found the hole it needs to go in, but what holds it in? Do I just drop it in and install the VB to the trans? It sits in there loosely, it's not tight and doesn't need a tap. Does it install downward? Do I need to buck it to squeeze/expand it?

95 Explorer 4x4

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Post here what the instructions say please. I have installed two of the A4LD kits and a 5R55E kit. I don't recall what needs to be done, and it could take me forever to find my old instructions. Is that the same kit as for the 5R55E's, I think it is?

The instructions from TransGo are typically very good, post that here, we can help I believe. Regards,

I already read that link earlier and it didn't help me at all.

Here's what the instructions say and I'll tell you what I got out of it.

"Insert small rivet furnished up thru this hole. Hit it smartly a couple times with a small hammer. Some plates will have a long slot here. It's ok as is."

Now the pic shows the rivet head side up, yet it says "up thru this hole". If I installed it up it would fall down into a small channel on the VB. But if I just dropped it in, it sits there somewhat loosely and I know it's not gonna stay once there is pressure. So before I screw up this small rivet I know I won't be able to find ANYWHERE I need to know what to do.

Do I buck it and smash it down so it sits tightly and plugs up that hole? When I say buck I mean smash down the opposite end of the head(while head is against something) to where it compresses and fills up the hole. I am an aircraft assembler and deal with these style rivets all day long, that's exactly what we do. And when we decide to remove one we have to drill it out. Another reason I have to be sure. Thanks.

Boy that sounds so familiar, I do recall those words. I have done many TransGo kits, so I don't want to describe something from another experience. I recall that I believe, and I think what is needed is to set the plate on a steel surface(like anvil etc.) to hit the rivet to spread it and grab the hole. I think that that will plug the hole yes?

The most odd thing I remember is having a cotter pin about 1/2" long that went through a hole into a channel, and it had to be oriented carefully when installed to not tear the gasket.

Maybe we should have suggested calling TransGo and their tech lines, it's Friday late now though. Good luck,

Man I didn't even think about them having a tech line, even though I read about it in some posts. DUH.

But that's what I'm going to go ahead and do. It seems that the purpose is to simply plug that hole. And if that's what I need to do, then here we go. Thanks.

You put the rivet in the hole... turn the plate upside down on a hard surface and smartly whack the rivet to expand it in the hole.

I have no experience w/ the Transgo kit, found the following link but it does not offer much help as far as the rivet is concern:

Maybe try giving Transgo a call and get their advice?

Thanks Chris, I know that you have done this/that a whole lot of times more recently than I have. What's up, have you dug into any 4R70W's or 75's, or a 5R55W yet? I'm headed to building my 99 4R70W soon I believe, I'll ask you about what latest upgrades are being done. Regards all, night.

Well now the trans is worse. Now it slips in 1-2-3 gears vs just 2-3 before. And now I have the OD light flashing.

I would look over everything that was done carefully, browse through the instructions and recall what was done. Had you changed the EPC valve, or any other solenoids?

Send Chris a message and ask him for a better opinion, he knows the individual circuits well. Regards,

Yes, new EPC, new gaskets, and transgo. Ok thanks.

Chris- Glacer991?

Yes Glacier, he has dealt with the A4LD and 4R44E and even the 5R enough that the many symptoms point him directly to fewer possibilities. I'm like most, it takes longer to think of ideas which could cause the symptoms. Knowing exactly what valve body circuits do is much better for trouble shooting. Regards,

A flashing OD light CAN be your friend... get the codes.

Can I just get them by checking the CEL? Standard scanner? Mine's a 95, isn't there an OBD1 method using a paper clip or something?

Glacier991, did you get my e-mail?

Although OBDII is stated to be 96+, in 95 ford was ahead of the game and used the OBDII, I had a 95 ranger and frequently used an OBDII scanner to read all the codes.

Yes, check under the dash next to the hood release. I the OBDII data port is there, it's an OBDII.