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Transmission Additive


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April 30, 2017
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2013, Ford Explorer, XLS
Anyone have any suggestions for adding a additive to my 2002 Ford Explorer 5R55W transmission without loosing a bunch of it? Fords worst idea of filling from bottom plug instead of a dipstick.

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Get the truck into the air, but level. Losen but do not remove the center level check torx bolt on the drain plug. Load additive into a large syringe connected to a 1/4" tube.
Start engine (cold). Crawl under Explorer remove center torx bolt. ATF should not drain out since the transmission is cold.Attach 1/8" npt/1/4" barbed nipple to center thread hole. Attach tube and syringe to barbed fitting. Squirt fluid into transmission. Hopefully none of it leaks back out. place drain pan under trans pan drain. Let the transmission come to temp, pan warm to touch. Watch fluid start to dripple out. Replace torx bolt.

Spectra did not work. Still slipping TCC (P0741)

Could you adjust the bands?
Recall reading about doing that.

Could you adjust the bands?
Recall reading about doing that.

Good suggestion. I thought of doing that earlier. 4th gear set works with front band. May need to be adjusted after breakin.