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How to: Transmission Band Specification Chart

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Band specification chart.

All Intermediate bands are single wrap. Single wrap band = 2.0 turns back.

1990-1992 Overdrive bands are double wrap, except in mid 1992, which went back to the single wrap band. Double wrap band = 3.5 turns back.

4R44E/4R55E 5R44E/5R55E/W/S/N:
Single wrap bands.
Overdrive band = 2.0 turns back.
Intermediate band (1995-1998) = 2.5 turns back. All other years 2.0 turns back.

The procedure for adjusting the bands is as follows:
Loosen the nut on the adjusting stud while holding the stud in place. Set your torque wrench to 10 ft.-lbs. (120 in.-lbs.), and tighten the stud. When it reaches 10 ft.-lbs. refer to the above specifications to set the proper amount of turns back. Hold the stud in place, and lock the nut to 35-45 ft.-lbs.

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Nice Re-Cap BrooklynBay. Wish this had been in place several weeks ago when I was posting about how to adjust a 1991 A4LD OD band.

Is this also a sticky(?) in the Transmissions section? If not I think it should be.


Thanks! I was hoping that it would become a sticky there too. I asked ExplorerDMB to post it in the technician corner for the time being. It is a new section, so it might get more attention here. You could rate it if you like it.

Hmmm.... never done that before (rated a posting).



Hey, one other thing: did you get a chance to look at my "what are the common failures of the A4LD?" posting? Was hoping you might chime in on that one. I'm leaving in an hour to go look at that used 1993 X and I wanted some guidance on what to look for; my A4LD has (apparently) been welded internally since I bought it so I'm not really sure how an X is supposed to shift when its working correctly.

Thanks for the above link, and for rating my post. I'll look into that link. Glacier took your advice, and made it a sticky in the transmission forum! This is my first sticky. Thanks Glacier!

The AOD, AODE, and 4R70W do not have band adjustments.

The AOD, AODE, 4R70W, C3, C6, A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E, 5R44E, and 5R55E do not have any adjustment for the low/reverse band.

The C4, and C5 low/reverse band is adjustable. The adjustment screw is tightened to 120 in.-lbs. (10 ft.-lbs.), then backed off 3 turns. The locknut is tightened to 40 ft.-lbs (35-45 ft.-lbs.).

Intermediate band adjustments on the C3, C4, C5, and C6:

All models have their adjusting screws tightened to 120 in.-lbs. (10 ft.-lbs.), but the turns back are different.

1980, and earlier models are turned back 1-1/2 turns.
1981, and later models are turned back 2 turns.

1-3/4 turns back.

4-1/4 turns back.

1-1/2 turns back.

This information was obtained from the Haynes Ford Transmission Overhaul Techbook # 10355. Page 6-6 states that normal wear of bands requires a band adjustment every 15,000 miles, or in situations where there are symptoms of sluggish shifts, delayed shifts, slipping, and in extreme cases a loss of drive.

This is a specialty band adjusting tool which is priced over $400! It is just a preset torque wrench.

got a 94 explorer a4ld tranny i had for 8 years ,my od went out, and 3rd gear takes about a minute to engage. tore the tranny pan off put new filter and change the fluid, and also found 4 like little tiny round aluminum dots in the pan. can somebody please tell what went wronge and can i fix it, or do i have to replace the tranny?. thank you.

Welcome to this forum! The aluminum spacers are most likely from an old gasket. This thread is about adjusting the bands. I would suggest that you start a thread in the transmission section, and post a picture of those parts.

Dear BrooklynBay, do i adjust the od band and the low gear or do i have to do a valve body job? thank you.

Welcome to this forum! The valve body has nothing to do with band adjustments. The low/reverse servo has no adjustment (except for the 3 different lengths of servo pistons). The overdrive, and intermediate bands are the only adjustable bands on the A4LD. A detailed step by step tutorial on the adjustment process could be found here.

dear BrooklynBay I adjusted o.d. and int. band, useing your specs. But i'm still having the same results, no o.d. and 3rd shift takes almost a minute to go i redoit again or can there be something else? thank you.

It might have rotted servo pistons, a leaking modulator, or an electrical issue for a lack of overdrive. Start a thread in the transmission section with a list of problems, and repairs you've done so far.

Dear BrooklynBay I got a stupid ? for you.When you were talking about the servo pistons where exactly is the piston, behind the servo or is it apart of the servo?

The part is called a servo piston as previously stated in post # 15. The A4LD transmission has 2 on the passenger side, and 1 underneath in the same loacation as the valve body. Read Glacier991's A4LD rebuild diary in the transmission section of this forum for more information, and detailed pictures.

OD Ruff Shift and vib.

96 XLT AWD V8 shifts into OD but there is a Vib. and ruff shift then smooths out and drives fine anyhelp would be great thanks

brooklynbay, I just came back from vacation.I just got done with my tranny and you where right it was the o.d. servo piston. thank you johnny

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