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Transmission Behavior Change After Extended Highway Driving

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November 29, 2012
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columbus ohio
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2006, 4x4 Limited 4.6
Does anyone else have issues with shifting after being in overdrive for a while on the highway?

I have been driving this thing for 6 years, 75k miles, this issue has been present the whole time.

After an hour or so on the highway the shift out of the top two gears occasionally gets kinda clunky.

I have never had this happen while towing, no matter how far or how heavy, only when its in OD for an hour plus. Its like it gets stuck in overdrive.

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it's a v8 so 6 speed
I have not noticed any changes on mine.

I have not had that problem.

Maybe it's because I'm a turtle?

To clarify, I bought it with 125k miles on it, and have added 75k to that. Rolling over 200k soon, still runs awesome, just shifts stupid some times.

Like I said though, it has been doing that the whole time.

6 speed, V8.

This issue only happens after its been in overdrive at 65+ for an extended period of time. If it needs to kick down for a hill or a pass the disengage from overdrive is a bit rough. It also feels sluggish for a bit when you get off the freeway.

Maybe getting too hot?