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Transmission codes.


July 20, 2007
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Melbourne Victoria
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Hi from Oz
My tranny is playing the fool in my 03 EX
the codes are
P0732 Gear 2 Incorrect ratio
P0735 Gear 5 Incorrect ratio

and also
P0775 ? Pressure Control Solenoid B malfunction

these codes were pulled from a transmission repair center here in Victoria
using a LAUNCH reader

what would be needed to fix these?
i got quoted aprox $3,000au to fix these problem

does this sound right?

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First of all, get a second opinion. don't mention that you brought it to another shop first, or what they said etc.

secondly, you could probably get a whole new (rebuilt) trans off the internet for less than half that price.

first i took it to another shop that changed the oil and filter
also charged me for it ($100au) i was cool with that as there is labour cost involved
but when i drove out they the light came back on and i told them to take it for a drive they said i need to bring it back as ill need a rebuild and that they should of checked it first

and i dont even think the put the right fluid back in as they were very laid back