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Transmission Cooler


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September 23, 2007
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Had my radiator replaced a few weeks ago. Radiator had been slightly leaking for a while as a lot of others. Purchased a Koyo(?) radiator and had a local mechanic replace it. Before I dropped it off, to my horror, I discovered that there was now transmission fluid in my radiator. I told him to do a service on the transmission. I would have it flushed also if necessary. He said the fluid looked OK. No problems at that time with the tranny. The next day or so, my trans starts slipping. Now I have to get it rebuilt at 60,000 miles. The best part about it is that after flushing out the radiator a number of times, I am still seeing transmission fluid bubbling to the surface in the NEW radiatorand I'm pretty confident that it's still leaking. Can the cooler lines connectors be screwed up in such a manner to be leaking tranny fluid into the radiator or did I get a bum radiator? I'm pretty confident I flushed the system out pretty thoroughly. I can't drive it to the mechanic and I get the impression that tranny shops don't want to deal with the radiator issue. WTF!

oil sticks, did you just flush it with water, or added a degrease into the flush? it just might be residue in the cooling system that the flush did not take out.