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transmission failure @ stop sign


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March 27, 2010
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Reno Nevada
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Oh so it's gonna be one of those Monday's.
After stoping from the off ramp, my son'd auto transmission decided it no longer needed to move the wheels! Luckily Kragens lot was a quick tow off the roadside. There's no fluid leaking, dip stick shows a good level of the recently changed fluid and no drive train parts scattered about.

Tranny is stock and other than the filter/fluid change three weeks, 1k miles ago hasn't had problems. Could this be a self inflicted problem? Forum suggestions on catastrophic failure checks are appreciated.


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yep it's an auto lock 4x4.
reading some other threads looks like front wheels may yet move in 4D.
I'm bringing the typical road rescue tools, reader, vom, manual for the ride to town. But I'm hoping for a dangling wire when I get there!

This is the very same way my tranny went out ran fine came to a stop sign stopped and that was it. No parts or fluid as you said also. Did get it to move by using very high ROMs and after a long bit it would even shift some then act normal but had it looked at any way.

end of story a full rebuild and I was back on the road better then when I bought the truck that was over 60,000 miles ago and its still as strong today as the day I picked it up from the repair.

Hint mine would move at around 3 to 4,000 rpm it acted like a badly slipping clutch in a manual at that point.

I've seen posts like this before where everything is good (or relatively so) until the trans fluid is changed and then everything goes to hell. My solution . . . never change the trans fluid. On a serious note try switching into 4X4 and see if its driveable. If it is then its T-Case issue, if not its probably a trans issue. If it does run in 4X4 I would suggest taking off the driveshaft because runnning 4X4 on dry pavement can adversly effect the T-Case, even if the rears aren't powered.

yep tranny

well at least that looks like the case.
Luckily the Oreily folks have been great so I got a chance to crawl under the beast for awhile. Grey fluid, nothin else obvious, no code flashes (OBD1), six chimes, no 4x4 movement. Concensus is tranny failure from age and fluid change. I may run fresh fluid with the hope of getting it to move again, a tow is 40 miles.