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Transmission fluid change question


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September 18, 2009
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San Antonio, TX
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94 Eddie Bauer
The auto transmission on my 94 was rebuilt 35 thousand miles ago. The fluid right now is nice and bright hot pinkish red...It smells just fine. Tranny shifts perfectly. I don't off road with the ex and it does not get driven hard at all...The explorer's maintenance schedule does not call for a fluid/filter change for regular use...Severe use has it at 24K.

Would holding off on a fluid/filter change at 60 K for be okay?

Well I thought that it should be done at 30k normally but I have gone longer also. I would just follow your maintance book..

60K would probably be OK, but I'd do it now. I changed mine at 54K the first time and there was a lot of clutch dust on the bottom of the pan and magnet. I've dropped the pan and changed the filter twice since and added an inline tranny filter after the aux cooler. Now I'm set up to just change out the inline filter and do a cooler line flush every so often. It's a piece of cake once you've done it the first time and a lot easier than dropping the pan every 30K.