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Transmission fluid help please


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July 16, 2007
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Hi guys ! Sorry my lack of knowledge on trans but i wanted to know if someone could tell me exactly how to check fluid transmission. I know the smeel of old oil but i always have difficulty to check it when its new ...the color is so clear thats not like 5w30 heh. If you could tell me how to check the level and post a picture of the dipstick showing where the level is supposed to be it would really help me.
Thank you

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What year is your Explorer?

Check when engine is at normal operating temp (or driven over 20 miles). If driven for very long distance, alot of city traffic or trailing then let cool 30 minutes before checking level. Check on level surface with engine running, parking brake on and then shift through all the gears and end in park. Pull the transmission dipstick, wipe it off and put it in and remove it again. Check for proper level and color. For the level the fluid should be between the two lines. For color check the link below.

I have that chart in # 34 in my list of useful threads.