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Transmission Flush .... HELP?>??


May 15, 2006
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2002 XLS
Ok I have done alot of transwork but mostly on cars and have never delt with a 4 wheel drive system. I need to flush my tranny becuase i have a 94 explorer xlt Auto and the fluid has never been changed so i dont know how to do and it could use some help... I am gloing to drop the pan and drian it but i wanna flush it all out including the transfer being the whole system has 14 year old fliud in it ... I a,m wondering if there is a hose i can disconnect and have it drain out while running .... nay answer would be great thanks e

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If you do a search on this topic, you will find the procedure. It involves 2 each, 5 gallon buckets, one empty and the other full of new fluid. Disconect the transmission cooling lines at the radiator, put the line that spews fluid when running into the empty bucket and the other hose in the full bucket, run until the all of the new fluid is gone. No real reason to drop the pan. Good luck.

where is the cooling line located i didnt know my transmission is located had a cooler or radiator

Look at the lines going to the radiator. Some had an auxiliary cooler in front on the condenser in addition to the one integrated into the radiator. Automatic transmissions have a cooler, manual transmissions do not.

so the radiator lines are going through the radiator in the front of the car not a serperate one

will this change the transfer case fluid too ... or is that sepreate

What Fluids Would You Put In The Transfer Case? I Am Also Doing This To My 93'. Can You Put Lucas In? Or Just Gear Oil? I Never Understood The Options. I've Been Dragging My Feet To Do This Till I Saw The Post. Now I Know I Must, With almost 200,000 miles on her. Thanks krisnowicki!!!

i flushed it out it was messy but is good now shifts like a dream.. it was green and black not good but it is cherry red now