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Transmission Gasket Leaking


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May 15, 2014
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2008 Ford Explorer Ltd V8
Does this look like it is just the gasket leaking on the transmission? noticed a puddle underneath the Explorer earlier, crawled underneath and it's nice red transmission fluid. I cannot see any fluid higher up, but it is odd that there is fluid on that piece beside the transmission pan (second picture). The Explorer has not been driven, so it's just sort of weeped out there.

Of course, it sounds like it not being driven is partly why it has started to leak. We used to keep it in the garage, but since trying to sell it (which of course is now going to have to wait until I fix the leak) it has sat outside all winter long and only been driven a half dozen or so times.

Bloody typical. Hoping it is just the gasket since at least it should be fairly inexpensive to fix, just the cost of fluid and a new gasket.




I can't tell what side that is but on the 6R's the connector housing tends to leak as well.

That is looking up from the passenger side, the leak looks to be on that side. Is that where the connector housing is located? If so, how much of a fix is that?

Edit: Think I know what connector housing you are talking about, going to go look at that real quick.

Edit again: You win the prize. Leaking from that connector, I can see the fluid coming from there, running down and collecting on the pan corner and then dripping from there. What a stupid part.

If it were not for the fact you have to drain the fluid and remove the pan to get at that locking tab, it would be all of about a 15 minute repair. Now to find the part number.