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Transmission Gone


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Elite Explorer
March 23, 1999
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Parsippany, NJ
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1996 XLT
Well, I knew it'd happen. It made it almost 150,000 but sounds like the converter. Wants to stall in neutral at a stop. wont engage from a stop. If ya can get it rolling it may grab and take you some where, but not far. Made it to work this morning but need to get it serviced NOW. I work in Belleville, NJ but live in Parsippany, NJ if any one nows a good trans place w/ even better prices, lemme know. I have a few contacts, but wan all the info I can get.

Also, is there any thing I can do to improve it while it's out? Should I even get the same trans (it's a 1996, v-6 so I think 4R44)? Is there some thing else I should look at? Should I even get mine rebuilt, or go by a "new" rebuilt/ remanufactured one and have it installed by me or a mechanic? Any companies like TCI make stronger/better versions of it that I can buy. I'm keeping the truck and want it solid.