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transmission help


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September 4, 2011
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Weatherford, TX
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1993 ford exploder 4x4
ok so i have a 1993 ford explorer 4x4 im pretty sure its the a4ld 4 speed tranny i need to know if a 91 ford ranger tranny will fit it and will a 4x2 tranny bolt up to the transfer case to make it 4x4 thanks for any help

If it is a 91 ranger with a 4.0, then everything is exactly the same as an explorer.

The transfer case will not bolt up to a 4X2 transmission. Have a search on the site, the tail housing and shaft are different. The only way you would be able to retain 4X4 is by using a divorced transfer case. That is more work than it is worth, so find a 4X4 tranny.

Ok cool thank you if i find a 4x4 transmission with a manual transfer case is it possible to do that is there holes in the floor for it?