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Transmission Issue? Brand New 2018 Platinum


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March 25, 2018
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2018 Explorer Platinum
I have a new 2018 Platinum, ordered in February and delivered in April. After about 500 miles noticed a fairly loud hum/harmonic noise when the car reaches 20 mph, 30 mph and about 45 mph. It appears to only be an annoying vibration noise as I don't feel anything in the driveability. It happens more frequently with firm acceleration but less with a gentle or harder acceleration. Had it in to the dealer and they heard it and said "definitely not supposed to be there". They had their top guy work on it. He added insulation to the engine compartment, realigned the transmission plate, re-aligned the exhaust. They even used chassis ears to try and pinpoint the location. They thought it was fixed and 6 hours later the noise came back. Had it in for a 3rd time this time for over a week and they thought it maybe the transmission mount. They ordered the part and said the part Ford sent did not match the same mount in my car (working with Ford to see why parts don't match). When the installed the new mount, the noise was louder. So they took it off and replaced it with the old mount (less annoying and a bit more pronounced than the original noise). Now they are involving the Ford District Engineer to come in and look at it.

Anyone hear of anything similar? If they can't fix it are they required to get me a new vehicle (I am in NY State)? I wish I could figure out what is causing this, other than that this is my first American car and I love the vehicle but disappointed.

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3 X Times and they have to take it back !!! Especially with 500 miles on it. i would make them take it back and get me another !!!

Get your lemon law lawyer on standby. But I've had a lot of good luck with the Field Service Engineers, so even with this particular unit you might be OK.

Insulation is surely not a solution! I’d tell them one more shot, and I’d be talking to a lawyer.

Get fully versed in your state's Lemon Law as you will not automatically get a "new car" but there are options based on your state laws.