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Transmission oil leak


July 7, 2016
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Have 04 XLT Explorer, 2 days ago my daughter was driving she tells me OD light started to flash. She pulled over, and stopped truck and looked around, not see anything continued on her way home with no problems.Light never came on again. Later she went to go to store and in process of backing up she said truck made noise like a limb or branch was stuck under it. She said she heard noise again and stopped the truck and left it in driveway.
Next morning I went out looked around found nothing drove truck up road and then ran a code check to see why OD light may have been flashing, using (peterson software for fords on my laptop) came back with nothing. So after googling OD light flashing drove vehicle to local ford shop with no problems. Told service manager about what had happen. 1 hour later service manager comes back and said they have pulled a 1744 code and the torque converter was coming apart. He stated I needed new transmission and it would be about 4500.00. Of course I about passed out and told him that I had to think on it. So he went and got vehicle. I started driving vehicle home and soon as I pulled out I felt a shutter as it changed gears, never had this happen before it shuttered a couple more times as it went through gear changes. But thought maybe transmission was relearning itself. after driving about a mile noticed smoke coming from back of vehicle. Pulled over and looked under vehicle and there was transmission fluid everywhere. Got on phone and called Ford dealership and asked service manager what had they done. Like over fill transmission and he stated they had done nothing, he put mechanic on phone and he stated they had just pulled codes and nothing else and that the torque converter must be coming apart now. Had vehicle towed back home and have not looked under it yet beause it was dark when it got home. I believe something is fishy here had not had any of these problems until dealer looked at it.
Oh by th way transmission was rebuilt about 3 years ago it did have a problem then but has been fine since and only had put 39000 on it since rebuild.
Has anyone had somthing like this happen to them.
sorry for long post just fustrated.


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December 4, 2014
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2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser
Very common torque converter problem with these units. I don't know about the previous rebuild if it included a re manufactured converter. May just have been a poor reman converter. The fluid leak is from the transmission overheating. With torque converter slipping will cause the overheated condition and fluid will come out the vent. Unfortunately time for replacement or rebuild.