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Transmission or clutch?


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September 5, 2015
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1994 Ford Explorer
I have a 1994 Ford Explorer manual transmission. While driving down the interstate at approximately 70mph the transmission seemed to shift into neutral (high rpms all of a sudden with no power) then back into gear. I pulled into the next rest stop and when I came to a stop, was able to shift into any gear that I chose however when releasing the clutch the transmission did not engage or the clutch did not disengage, the car did not move only seemed to stay in neutral. I had it towed to a shop and approximately ten hours later, things seem to be working fine though I haven't driven it anywhere for fear of a repeat performance and being stranded once again. Any ideas what I'm dealing with?

10 hours in the shop and they didn't tell you what they did? Sounds shady to me.