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Transmission pan


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September 18, 2019
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Brooklyn , New York City
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1996 Ford Explorer XLT
Need help in selecting a transmission pan



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Do you need those fancy ribs on the bottom? If not, how about a visit to a junkyard and spending around $10 instead of $250?

Both will work the same. However if the hang to low and you off road it may get caught on something keep that in mind. For a magnet, magnetic drain plug will work also.

Do you need those fancy ribs on the bottom? If not, how about a visit to a junkyard and spending around $10 instead of $250?
Actually there’s nothing wrong with my transmission pan it is fine no leaks no dents no damage. And I do not do any off-road driving. What I liked about the pan it hold an additional 8 quarts of transmission fluid which I think it will prolong the transmission life because it has more fluid inside and the settlements will sit at a lower depth. Just wanted any feedback if anybody had this pan

I have not used those pans on my 4r70w.
You need to check your explorer and make sure you can handle the additional depth, 8 more quarts I bet that pan is 3-4" "taller" then the stock pan. Will that hit the exhaust? Anything else in the way?

Also make sure those pans have a SUMP area for the pickup tube from the filter if you are awd/4x4

Any pics of the inside of the pan?
On 4x4 transmissions you will notice they all have a deep portion where the filter picks up fluid, this is because on a steep incline the 2wd pans with a flat bottom (no sump) will starve your filter!
I had that problem with a similar pan on my old A4LD sucked big time, basically for me I had to go back to a stock style pan with a sump if I wanted to do any sort of 4x4ing.

More fluid is a good idea, I agree it will pro long the life of your transmission and keep it much much cooler, just make sure it will fit and that it works with the 4x4 style filter/pickup tube

Gale Banks has a video on diff covers here..

Like 410 said check it out 1st.
Sometimes the bling aint so blingy.


Just sayin - @ $250 - $280 + TAX between the (2) pans shown, me thinks your money would be better spent on purchasing;

* An external transmission cooler (you'd gain fluid capacity and be separate from the factory in-the-radiator-transmission cooler).

* Running through a 3/8" Magnafine filter (which is a FORD factory "solution" for heavy duty use on Pick-Up's and as a back-up to the factory in-the-pan filter).

* Dropping your current pan every year and changing the factory "pan" filter and ATF fluid (maybe $25 total in parts/fluid & you'd get to do a visual inspection/clean the pan magnet each year).

In closing; Just sayin, YMMV and Hope That Helps in your final decision! ;)


I have a deep pan on my 98 4R70W, it took right at 18 quarts to fill the system(drained completely prior).

From what I saw, all of the aftermarket pans add about 2-3 quarts, none more than that. I liked mine at $200, they've gone up about $25 I think, came in bare AL, or black PC, or polished for a lot more.

None of them will hang too low, and they are made for the 4WD filter, so they aren't a bunch deeper.