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Transmission parts


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June 9, 2006
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1999 mountain 5.0
Need to purchase replacement transmission parts for my 99 explorer 5r55e. Anyone on the board recommend a trusted/resonably price online source for gaskets, filter, valve bodies, solenoids etc.....?

Also - looks like I may need to replace the valve body. Do I buy rebuilt, or can i just replace the parts on the valve body myself. Seen them running rebuilt $162 and higher for the "upgraded" version?

Any help appreciated.......

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. is really good.

Central Valve Bodies is the way to go for rebuilt, upgraded, AND tested VBs.
Rebuilding your own would involve a SUBSTANTIAL investment in tooling.

eBay user transdeals4u is pretty good too.

PS: I have been running one of the "updated OE" VBs you speak of (I put the shift kit in myself though) for about 16,000 miles, that guy is in Florida, and is pretty good.

Thanks for the quick reply - how hard was it to put that shift kit in?

I used the Superior kit, it was fairly simple to install, although a couple of steps are done as part of transmission rebuild, so if you are only working from underneath the truck, steps 8 & 10 are omitted. It is mostly just changing springs & valves.

I cannot say whether or not the kit is worthwhile if you are going to use a VB from Central Valve Bodies, but I'm sure they could answer that question for you.
Have you read the 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild thread? It is good reading, with excellent photos also.

Thanks for all the info!!

and saw the rebuild thread. Will be using it as a guide

I had mine rebuilt and from the looks of the parts list Idk if the vb was touched (most of problems)
Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see any vb work by lookin at parts list.... Thanks

Explorer transmission rebuild parts list by billyssingle, on Flickr

My warranty is basically gone but I'd bet I can make him fixit if he missed a critical fix...
It was (and I swear still is) sending burnt fluid to converter thus killing it (3 in 100 k)no towing grandma owned.....

My buddy is trying to get me to rebuild his 02 x tranny... Only piece of a car I haven't touched...I figure learn on his so when mine goes again I can fix it myself...