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Transmission PO756 Question...?


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May 29, 2008
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New Haven, CT
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96 Ford Explorer XLT

I am having the flashing O/D light, & 2nd gear shift problem with my 1996 ford Explorer. Had the code read and they said it was a PO756 Shift B Solenoid.

1) I would like to know should I replace all of them?
2) Where can I buy them from for a good price?
3) What is the exact name of the part because when i call places about the part and say a transmission shift solenoid they seem like they are not clear as to exactly what I'm talking about.

Thank you!

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Welcome to this forum! WWW.TransmissionPartsUSA.Com sells these parts. The sticky thread in the transmission section called the 5R55E valve body rebuild diary explains how to repair/replace/troubleshoot. It would be a good idea to update your profile with your vehicle's information.

Thank you, I bought my pieces I actually had that place matched up before i came to the forum so good to know i was on the right track.
I am going to re-read that post you gave me and does it have step by step instructions for the solenoid? (like if i have to turn off the battery, ect....)

Lastly I need to replace my Shift B solenoid is that in the front (where the 4 are located) or in the back? (where the 2 are located)

I will be replacing 2 together but i just need to know which 2 i am pulling and what do i use to pull them out?

Also, Is this info in the Haynes manual because i cant find it if it is? If you know a page let me know.

I pulled the solenoids, swapped them and tested them. Got a reading of 28 on all 4 of the ones that were the same but the diagnostic is still giving me solenoid B.

What else can it be?:(