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Transmission Problem During Elk Hunting

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April 17, 1999
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Well my Explorer finally broke down Dead Link Removed .. I have a 92 Explorer XLT with 89,000 and had to get it towed for the first time. Two days ago my brother and I were Elk hunting in the area I live. We started to pull a slight grade when the Explorer started slowing down. We had no gears in the automatic tranny. Once we stopped a lot of smoke came from underneath... I stepped out and wholly **** it was on fire. A quick dash of what was left in my coffee cup was unsuccessful in putting out the flame. Luckily we had a water bottle on board and I was able to put out the fire. Tranny fluid was pouring out the bottom between the bell housing and the engine block.

Bad news was that I was 6 miles off the main road. Good news is we got our Elk and the Explorer broke down on the last day.

Anyone have this same problem with Explorer tranny or any idea what happened to the tranny?

thanks !!!!!!



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September 20, 1999
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Payson, AZ
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93 EB
Sounds to me like your torque converter took a dump. Would explain the fluid all over and the lack of movement. This is what caused the fire........ trans fluid is very flamable. Now, the real bad news, when the converter goes, it takes the whole trans with it because the pump circulates all the particles of the lock-up clutch throughout. Is probably rebuild time. However, you may want to consult an expert. Call Doug, with Dougs Transmissions and tell him your story. He is a Ford tranny expert and specializes in the A4LD trans. His # is 480-288-0043, or 480-964-3832. He does rebuilds for very reasonable prices, and you can trust his work. He ships too.