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Transmission problem?


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February 28, 2003
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charleston, sc
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1994 explorer limited 4x4
I had my Transmission rebuilt less than a year ago and yesterday i was driving and all of a sudden i was hearing a whinning sound (the pitch would go up and then down when i released the pedal) when i hit the gas and i could hear it whind down when i released the pedal. I am going to take it back to aamco since its still under warranty but does that sound like a transmission problem? I wanna have a good idea so they dont try saying that its not the tranny

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did they replace the torque convertor???? probably not knowing aamco sounds like you have fluid cavitating in the tc whats the fluid level like? it might be time for a tc

The Torque Converter was replaced b/c i remember that cost $280 or so when i had it rebuilt but it may be doing that anyway but that is under warranty at least

Metallic2001 >> was the whinning problem ever fixed? if so, was it cavitation?

I have a '91 Explorer with automatic overdrive. Just recently it stopped going into overdrive and when I take my foot off the accelerator it just coasts on like it is in neutral. No matter what range I have selected; the engine comes back down to idle rpm and there is no hold-back at all. What could be wrong? Thanks, Bob A.

hey BOBADAMS98 - welcome to the message board.

the "no-hold back at all" when you take ur foot off of the gas sounds like the torque converter is allowing the flywheel to freewheel when its not supposed to - but i am no transmission expert so perhaps the tranny gods of the board can chime in (opera house, glacier, and so on) ?

but if it is the torque converter thats going bad - fear not for its not a very expensive part. you can purchase a rebuilt one for relatively cheap (less than two-hundred i think). if you decide to have the job done at a shop - the labor will be pretty high because the transmission must be dropped. if you have the time (and tools, jack, etc...), i'd suggest you do it yourself.

let us know what comes about.