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Transmission Q


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January 1, 2007
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1992 Ford Explorer
I got this 1992 ford explorer two years ago from an uncle of mine who had no problems with the transmission. Im pretty sure he had said someone had done some work to it at some point as well....

During the first year that I had it, the transmission would shift up into what I believe is 5th gear which was great for highway because I would be pulling 2000 rpm going 65 mph. The gear would catch around 45 miles per hour as I was pulling onto the highway. As time went on it became harder to shift into this gear. The way I would get it to shift up there was to pump the gas so it almost "pulled it" into gear... a year later nothing works. I took it to my local mechanic who ran a few tests. I believe they put it on this treadmill like thing and speed the tires and transmission up to highway speed but couldn't detect a problem. But I know there is a problem because it used to shift and now it doesn't. So im stuck where ever I go in 4th gear running 2500 to 2700 rpm to go 65 to 70 mph which gets me 14 to 16 miles per gallon.

Can anyone help? I thought I read somewhere that I would need to replace a vacuum valve of some sort but I don't know. The wallet would much appreciate.

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Moved to Transmissions section.

Try searching for "A4LD vacuum" and/or "A4LD governor".


so is my transmission called a A4LD?

You said that it has a 5th gear. Do you have a manual transmission? The A4LD is a 4 speed automatic.

No its automatic.

I went out and drove it on the highway counting the number of shifts. It shifted three times. 1st to 2nd, 2nd 3rd, 3rd 4th and stops.


In the last paragraph where it says "OD, Fourth, locked".

"The Convertor clutch solenois is energized (200) to reverse the fluid flow in the torque convertor and lock up the clutch."

So what ever is inhibiting the clutch from locking is my problem..... any ideas? or solutions?

Did you adjust the kickdown cable or the bands? When was the last time the fluid, and filter were replaced? Did you pull off the vacuum line going to the modulator to see if it's leaking transmission fluid?

The last time the trans fluid was replaced the mechanic said there was some rust residue inside the fluid.

I am no mechanic. I don't have any experience working on cars at this point so im a little in the dark. Havn't touched anything inside the engine, or transmission. I was hoping someone could diagnose the problem for me and give a explanation as to how to fix it. When I took it to my mechanic he said he couldn't find anything wrong with it. However I know there is something wrong because the top "gear" doesnt work.

I havnt mentioned this yet but the 4x4 low does not work. My explorer has the push button toggle not a manual level to switch into 4x4 mode. From what ive read that could be from the sensor inside the transfer case.