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Transmission rebuild=less mpg??


July 21, 2014
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00' Ford Explorer EB
I just recently had the transmission in my Ex rebuilt, typical 5r55e stuff. Updated parts bonded valve bodygaskes, seperator plate,all new friction plates,torques converter, shift kit to fix the slop between gears ect the whole unit was rebuilt costing me around 2,200$. Well anyways prior to having the tranny rebuilt my truck was telling me i was averaging around 16.7 mpg, the read out is ussally +/- 1mpg. And thats bout 85% in-town driving. Now after the rebuildim averaging around 13.2 doing the same exact routes to work and other things as i was before, it doesnt make sence. Any input? And if you must know my ex is a 2000 EB 4.0sohc 4x4 with 114,x.. on her.

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curious also. I had the 4R55E trans rebuilt in my 96 EB 4x4 with pretty much all the same stuff and my mileage also dropped. Not as much as posted. Mine went from 16.8 or better down to around 15.3ish +/- a point or two. Mostly city driving 35-55 mph, stop/go with occasional 20 min. freeway run at 65-70.

Bump. Update: mpg still hasent changed since ive had work done but on the plus side i did alot of highway driving this weekend maybe around 100 miles and averaged about 23.5 mpg. Ive never had that much on the highway before the rebuild. Is anything making sence to anyone?