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Transmission rebuilt, torque converter doesn't lock

Got to the KOER test with what I thought was the end of the stray voltage. Did everything to the book, depressed the brake peddle after the engine ID code, and hit the accelerator when the separator pulse flashed and at the end of it all code 536 flashed out. Wood can you verify this I think its the BOO circuit. I checked it and my 9.5 volts is back.:banghead:

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Code 536 is the BOO circuit dude...

Failed on and the torque converter clutch will not engage. Seems to me that if you test pin 2 on the BOO and it's hot it has failed. Maybe there is an internal failure of the switch and it's feeding 9.5 volts through it? Not sure how likely that is but I have seen some strange things in the past. Try unplugging it and temorarily gear yourself up a brake switch. Go for a drive and if the cruise starts working and the converter locks, you've got it.

How did you make out with the splice?:confused:

Figure this, I fixed it?? None of the brake lights worked, I mean none. So I figured the voltage had very little amps behind it. Given that I just hooked up one light bulb to see if it would light it, and it didn't when I turned the key to on position. The rouge voltage to pin 2 was gone. Redone the KOER test code 111 flashed. Now I am very pleased.:):)
So by hooking up the brake lights bleed off the extra voltage in the circuit. If someone knows where it come from I would like to know?
As for the answer to the splice connection I still couldn't find it, thats when I give up looking for it and went another avenue of approach.
If anyone reading would like to try and unhook all their brake lights and test pin 2 to see if they get the same result, please post it here to share it with others.
As for solving the lock up I think the computer is toast.:(

Torque Converter Locks

Filthy stinkin bulbs, who would ever thought. When I replaced the brake light bulbs (out here who needs them everyone knows where they are going :D), all is well, the torque converter locks and works well. Thank You Wood and Cobra for the support and someone to talk to, I can't help but applaud the individual or individuals who started this forum.


Wow, can't get too much cheaper than that!

Glad to be of help dude.