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Transmission shift kit install - filter screen???


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June 19, 2003
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1999 5.0
Transmission shift kit install - sputtering engine/power loss

I'm just about done with my B&M shift kit install (4R70W trans). At some point during the inital tear down, a small screen filter fell out. It has sort of a trapezoidal shap on the top plastic part but I don't kow where it goes. Any help would be appreciated.

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I'll get you a diagram on Monday, am out away from home til then.

sounds like it is pump screen look up near corner of valvebody near pump if it is about a 1x1 inch screen

cutter said:
sounds like it is pump screen look up near corner of valvebody near pump if it is about a 1x1 inch screen
That's something different. I replaced that with the one in the B&M kit. Apparently, the Baumann kit, which I learned from someone else, says you don't need that trapazoidal looking screen.

Anyhow, I have a bigger problem. Now, when I hit the gas to accelerate, the engine sputters and has hardly any power. I just pulled it up the driveway and into the garage and it barely made up the grade of the driveway. It idles fine, but when you hit the gas, you barely go anywhere. When it does get going, I can it feel it shift just fine, better than before. The CEL also came on and I'm going to Advance in the morning to check it out. I tried unhooking the battery but it didn't do a thing.

Is there anything related to something I might've done to the transmission that could be causing this? I don't know why the tranny would have anything to do with the engine sputtering but who knows. Any ideas?

That's not enough info to guess, but anyway, that symptom sounds like fuel pumps that I have had go bad.

Anytime you work on a transmission, buy the manual that is available at any trans part store. It's only about $15. Good luck,