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Transmission Shudder


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November 30, 2006
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Rumson, NJ
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'02 XLS
First time post for me. I stumbled across this site researching a faulty torque converter. Thanks in advance for any help.

I have an '02 XLS that shudders between 50 - 70 mph, sometimes bad sometimes not so bad. The shudder goes away immediatley when i turn off the O/D. The O/D light does not come on when its shuddering and there are no codes in the computer. I've taken it to a dealer and their answer was to open the tranny and investigate or just swap a new one in, another mechanic said changing the fluid would help and another dealer said it's a bad torque converter. Any suggestions on what to do.

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I'll assume it is a V-6 with a 4.0 and around 50,000 miles and also assume you have never changed the fluid. (The more details you can give us about the vehicle and its maintenance history the better the advice). IF my assumptions are close, I would flush the fluid, MAKE SURE they use MERCON V in the replacement, and not MERCON III with an additive (watch them like a hawk, they will if they can get away with it - make them show you the bottles of MERCON V) and see if that does not solve the problem. If not then add a bottle of lubegard V additive. If there is an easy fix, that is likely going to be it.

Let us know how that works.

If it is a V-8 my initial advice is the same, but has some follow up advice.

just a thought, but i had the same issues and i changed the spark plugs. problem solved. no codes either

Well i had the fluid changed this past Thursday. The local mechanical was real cool, he knew of the shudder problems and Mercon V, etc. He put in the Mercon V and the additive. Driving home though, I experienced the same shudder. Even again on Friday. I haven't driven it alot since, only around town and not above 40 mph, the shudder happens above 50mph. Is there a break even time for the lube? I haven't called the mechanic back yet. I guess I can try the spark plugs as justin99 suggests. My truck has 69K miles, the shudder started around 65K. Any more thoughts on the Torque converter?