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Transmission shudders when down shifting 3-2 (pass).


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April 16, 2007
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96 XLT
I have a 1998 Explorer with 200K+ miles. Tranny shifts fine until I am in high gear (its an automatic) and starting up a hill. When it tries to shift down under a load it shutters, like its stuck between gears. I let off the gas and it shifts down fine and even shifts back to high gear ok. no OD light no codes fluid looks ok. Any help is appreciated::)

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NoT sure of the fluid type will check on that. Had the unit flushed at local shop about 9 months ago.

Dexron III

Checking the fluid I believe it is Dexron III type. I will try the Lubegard friction modifier and repost the results. sorry for the delay had to put some more miles on the truck MD to NY run to pick up an engine for my Accord.:hammer:

Trans Fluid Issue

Most trans fluid is never serviced and the Ford transmissions are very suseptible to this same condition. I have had a few that responded to a fluid and filter change and solved the in/out shift problem.

Tried LUCUS friction mod-fluid

I could not find the Lubegard brand friction modifier in local stores and tried a LUCUS product. Not much change. At this point I will try a filter change and full fluid replacement. Is the DEXRON V a better choice? Reading through some of the band/valve service posts I will try to make adjustment if the fluid change doesnt do the trick.