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Transmission slipping


November 11, 2006
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2002 eddie bauer
My 02 explorer is shifting hard from 2-3. It is also slipping a little from 3-4 around 3k rpm. I took it to the dealership today since my warranty is up in 1000 miles. They said that it is the 4x4 control module causing the problem and it would be $600 to fix since it is not covered by the warranty. I've been doing some research on here about the module but everything on here sounds like people having problems with shifting in and out of 4x4 not overall transmission problems. My question is would the 4x4 control module effect my shifting? If so I saw some people were unplugging it and running without it. IF it is the true problem then it should shift fine without it I just wouldnt have 4x4? Is that correct? If I was to do that how safe is it?

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If your tranny is truly slipping, it is not the 4x4 CM. My 4x4 CM went out (about a $150 part on line and a ten minute job to replace), and I did not fix it for almost 2 years as I was in no hurry - not needing the 4x4 here. All a bad 4x4 CM does is keep your truck from going into 4x4. If you have the switchable 4x4 you can test the module by using the dash switch.

If your tranny is truly slipping I would avoid driving it for two reasons until confirmed and fixed. (1) might make it worse (2) not much warranty left to work with, and add #3 - very expensive repair if the tranny is shot (duh).

There are lots of guys here that know trannies, not necessarily me. They should come around with time.

Good Luck

The 5R55W transmission gets solenoid block issues after 60k miles. How many miles do you have? It would be a good idea to replace the block, flash the PCM, and install a new tune. Do you have a flashing overdrive light or a check engine light? When was the last time you replaced the fluid, and the filter?

I have 88k miles on my car. I bought the car used so I am not sure of what the status of the fluids and filter are. There is no flashing overdrive light or check engine. I did have the PCM flashed about a year ago when they had to replace my torque converter. There is definetly something wrong with the tranny and Ford will not fix it because they dont want to pay out of their pocket for it under the warranty. I have fought with them and even called ford directly and got nowheres. I am starting to lose any fight I have left in me. There is a TSB on the issue that they found which is why they said the control module but I can only find the summary of it. Is there anywhere to find TSBs online?

I had that done about a year ago and it seemed to work at the time but now there is the slipping feeling going on.