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Transmission swap (auto to manual)


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November 18, 2014
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Colorado Springs, CO
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1999 Ford Explorer
Hello everybody!

I am new to forum and of course I already have a question!

Recently swapped a ranger 5 speed into my auto 1999 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC.
With that being said the ECM is the original. Now when I drive it the truck "bucks" (engine power/acceleration stops and comes right back within a split second) as if the truck is trying to shift the automatic even though it is not there anymore. This has not (to my knowledge) had any adverse effects on the truck. It is just REALLY annoying to drive.
What do you guys think? I thought, and was told, that swapping in an ECM from a manual SOHC explorer of same year would fix the problem. Or possibly a Ranger with a manual SOHC would also do the trick. The problem is that I cannot find an ECM in the junkyard. Would anyone happen to know the proper part number so that I can just buy the ECM from a parts store?

Thanks everyone!

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What era of Ranger pedals did you use?

Figure out your ECM ? yet?

On the shifting issue with the ECM.

On OBDII you can adjust the shift point RPM. So, you could take it to a tuner and have them set the shift points to some ridiculous high RPM, like 6,000rpm.

That should prevent the signal from the vehicle speed sensor from ever feathering the throttle for the shift.

It may be possible to disable that feature all together. not sure on that one though.

Either way you would not need to replace the ECM.

Hey guys,

I posted this question twice on this site, answered it in one thread once I had it figured out but forgot about this thread.

1. Most tuning shops will not want to tune your explorer because that requires them to buy the programming. In the neighborhood of 200-300$ according to the shops I called.
2. I pulled an ECM from a manual OHV explorer of the same gen. And put it in my auto 99 SOHC. It worked!
3. I used pedals from a 98 or 99 manual ex.
4. If anyone needs part number for ECM from a manual OHV EX I would be more than happy to get it for you!

Got cha. Thanks.

Finding a manual 2nd Gen Ex around here is not easy. I am going to try a set of Ranger pedals.

As for the ECM, I am running a 5.0 so I will have to go the tuning route.

Good luck to you man. I even tried to pay for the programming the shop would have to buy but they were not having any of it haha. Laziness? Not enough money they would make off of me? Who knows. But the ranger pedals should be fine!