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transmission swap info?


November 7, 2005
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Minneapolis, MN Area
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93 EB 4dr 4x4
what transmissions can i swap into my 93x to replace my POS A4LD? does anyone make a 4r70w bellhousing adapter? i'm not worried about the electrical controls, i would get the Baumann TCS.
the 5r55e seems that it would be a drop in (the TCS again comes into play), can i bolt up my existing tcase to it? is it the same length? draveshaft issues?
basically i am looking to swap out my auto for a better auto. I have plenty of experience with the 4r70w, and i like that tranny alot, but anything thats an easier swap would work too. i would have even considered the 700r4 swap until i saw the ungodly cost of the adapters i would need..

what are my options?