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transmission swap need to know if it will work


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April 26, 2009
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delbarton wv 25670
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98 xlt 4x4 , 97 xlt 2x4
i have a 97 ford explorer 2wd with no title and i have a 98 explorer 4wd both are vin # x i need to know if the 2wd transmission will fit and work in the 98 4wd the 4wd has never worked in the 4wd anyways but will it bolt up and function as a 2wd ? thanks thebear

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no body knows if this will work?

look at the sticker on the door jam and pull up the numbers for each trucks tranny. then look up the numbers here. once you get your tranny model for each one, then you can get a definite answer. good luck!

Just went through this with my 96 5.0 the tail on the trans are diffrent lenth's so no is what my research told me
to change out the tail would require a complete tear down of the trans
I was able to find several 4x4 trans when I was looking for mine but they would not work in my 4x2 because of the lenth of the tail

ya main shaft are different lengths. so you have to open up the transmission an replace the main shaft. it can be done or just find another 2wd transmission