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transmission troubles


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December 24, 1999
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I have a 1992 Explorer with the 4.0 and an automatic. The trouble is it wont shift correctly. At first it would not go into OD uless it was all out or I shifted into neutral and back to OD. Now its starting to do the same in drive. Wont shift unless its shifted to N then back while im driving. Also noticed its not leaking tranny fluid like it used to. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Chances are good that your forward one-way clutch in the trans is bad. Overdrive is usually the first to act up. Eventually drive goes....... If the trans has not had a rebuild, then it is time. If it has, then it is very likely they did not replace this part at that time. That is very common. Insures another major repair shortly after the trans warranty is up. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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may want to try checking the vacuum modulator thing.. I had one go on my 94... although I don't know how much problems it was causing and how much was from the fluid going low (hard to keep up with.. sometimes it would hardly use any.. others it would eat it up) I didn't have a leak but was constantly using fluid.. it was going into the vacuum lines.. It gave me all kinda trouble with my tranny..