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Transmission Troubles


August 16, 2001
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Pittsburgh, PA
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1997 XLT
Well, this morning the X started slipping out of gear. I could go like five feet then hear the engine rev up and then it would go into gear and the same thing over and over. The OD Light started flashing constantly. When it warmed up it was fine and I checked the fluid level and it was o.k. The X has 116,500 on it any ideas? Thanks.

Update: Transmission Shop replaced the Neutral Safety Switch. But the next morning when the car was cold it did the same thing with the slipping in and out of gear. But when the car is hot it runs fine with no probelms. Any opinions or suggestions?

I'd say the tranny and/or torque converter are almost toast. This is what mine started doing, I limped to my mechanic, and got the whole thing rebuilt.

I could be wrong though, hope for your sake that I am. I'd at least pull the pan off and take a look at things, you can always put new fluid and seals in if things look ok. Good luck!