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Transmission Upgrade


February 19, 2008
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Explorer '98 XLT
Hello guys
I brocken my trunny two days ago, and now think about not only repeir it, but also about maximal upgrade. So much, as it possible. Please, help me by advices. My motor already has many upgrades, and I will install supercharger soon. So, I think that now is good chance to make up trunny. What mods is avalible? Valve body, torque converter, something else? Which brands is best? Dear Guru, please, help me by your advices.

Post extracted from the "5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary" thread as this probably goes beyond the valve body.

Hunt Jakee's thread about his truck. He has a boosted SOHC and the trans is not completely upgraded. He will be doing his 5R55E more very soon.

Thanks for this thread. It was helpfull. I already made
1) Transmission cooler with a fan
2) Deep Tranny pan & tranny temp gauge.

Now I move my tranny to service man. He agree that install
shift correction kits and valve body upgrade is good. But he says that for good performance with supercharger (with high HP and torque) - tranny also should get another torque converter. He told that stock torque converter will be broken very soon with super charged engine. Guys, what do you think about it? Is anybody know, on the aftermarket any performance torque converters for this tranny? If yes, please, let me know links, where is it. Also, advice me please links, where may I buy shift correction kits and valve body upgrade.
Thank you